Malaysia RFID: Check your label

Friendly reminder from the Malaysia Ministry of Communications and Multimedia MCMC that you aren't allowed to use any RFID device (or a few other devices for that matter) without a label. The MCMC frequently posts notices of fines and criminal charges on their twitter feed. So, let's follow their advice and get #checkyourlabel trending


Singapore: Product Safety Compliance News

Spring Singapore and International Enterprise Singapore have merged to form Enterprise Singapore.

This means an updated safety mark and new requirements going forward to ensure product safety compliance.

Registered suppliers are not required to replace their SAFETY mark for any controlled goods in market immediately. They have a one year period, until April 2019 to comply with any new procedures and markings. Contact us with any questions! 

Indonesia SDPPI: Public Consultation on (Draft) Regulations for National Spectrum

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics (The umbrella organization for SDPPI / POSTEL) received input from stakeholders on draft regulations for the national frequency spectrum-- specifically, on changes to 2520 -2670 MHz for IMT. What this means is that Indonesia is phasing out Broadcast Satellite Services, in that range in-favor, of IMT. 

Israel (MoC) in talks with Egypt to solve mobile network disruptions

''Minister of Communications Ayoob Kara met today with heads of the local authorities in the south at the Sdot Negev Regional Council in order to learn about the severity of the problem and inform them of the efforts being made to solve it''.

ARGENTINA: ENACOM Wireless Medical Decree

This is from 2017, but it’s throwback Thursday. So let’s discuss:


ENACOM establishes its definition of medical equipment. It defines parameters for use, including for RF modules in Medical equipment and specific frequencies for medical use.  The decree is further evidence that medical devices, as they continue to incorporate RF technology, are increasingly falling under the purview of wireless regulatory bodies, like ENACOM.