Malaysia: New Class Assignments and 900MHz SRD

Malaysia MCMC (SIRIM) has announced new class assignments. There are some changes to 900MHz SRD. Frequency allocation and output power are as follows: 

916 to 919 MHz - 25mW EIRP with duty cycle < 1% or frequency hoping or LBT

919 to 923MHz - 500 mW EIRP

923 to 924 MHz - 500 mW EIRP with duty cycle < 1% or frequency hopping or LBT

Other noteworthy changes in the new class assignments include mandatory type approvals for wireless charging devices. 

MEXICO: NOM standards

Under the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT)/DOF NOM-121-SCTI-2009 has been replaced by NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015. This applies to radio broadcasting systems and digital modulation operating at 902-928, 2400-2483.5 and 5725-5850MHz, especially Bluetooth and WiFi. Please contact MCGA if you have questions on how this may impact your product(s). More information

Brazil: Updates Label Requirements for Wireless Products

The Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes (ANATEL) in Brazil has updated its labeling regulations for wireless products. Resolution 662 amends the previous resolution 242 from Nov. 2000. This affects all wireless products that fall under ANATEL’s scope.

The primary changes  are as follows:

1) The Certification number (homologation) and the manufacturer’s identification number have changed. There are now five numbers each. The new labeling format is, for example,  HHHHH-AA-FFFFF. where:

HHHHH: identifies the approval of the product by sequential numbering with 5 characters;

AA: Identifies the year of issue of the approval with 2 numeric characters; and,

FFFFF: identifies the manufacturer of the product with 5 numeric character

2) ANATEL has removed the EAN number and bar code requirement for their labels.

ANATEL allows products with limited space for the logo and approval identification code to place these markings on the user manual and optionally on the product packaging. Please check that your device is in fact considered small enough for this exemption.

Egypt: NTRA

The Egyptian Authority (NTRA) recently advised that WLAN devices operating in the 5 GHz range may now operate indoors only, up to 200 mW EIRP. Egypt permits the following 5GHz bands

  • 5150 - 5350 MHz - <200mW (EIRP) for indoor operation, license free.
  • 5725 - 5850 MHz - <200mW (EIRP) for outdoor operation, license required.